A General Purpose Glove Program is an important part of managing safety in your operation. General purpose gloves, including both Coated and Non-Coated protection solutions, represent an in important part of any hand protection portfolio. These gloves are designed to offer a cost-effective solution for workers engaged in many types of general assembly, fabrication and maintenance operations. General purpose gloves offer a moderate level of protection against cuts and abrasions in a wide variety of daily tasks.

Why is workplace general hand protection important?

Skin and hand damage have impacts on an individual and their workplace. Workplace accidents have financial impacts on the employer, as well as reductions in productivity and efficiency.

• 13% of all industrial injuries occur on the hand

• Abrasions are among the top hand injuries, only behind cuts

• The liners of coated gloves and the coating material provide protection against abrasions

• The coating also provides enhanced grip, allowing the user to be more productive and safer in the work environment

What are the differences between the various general purpose gloves?

Glove Categories
Glove Categories

What goes into a general purpose glove?

Glove Materials

Basically, mechanical gloves consist of special fibers, yarns and coatings


A variety of yarns and fibers are used in General Purpose gloves to increase comfort and dexterity:

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