Experience the power of KleenGuard™ Nemesis™ eye protection from Kimberly-Clark Professional.


KleenGuard™ Nemesis™ eyewear offers stylish, comfortable protection that helps increase productivity. The patented nosepiece technology prevents eyewear from slipping and getting in the way of work. The anti-fog technology keeps vision clear so work is uninterrupted. Polycarbonate lenses provide 99.9% UVA/ UVB/UVC protection and the eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1+ standards. Nemesis comes in a variety of styles to keep your eyes protected in any work environment.

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Kimberly-Clark Professional is on a mission to create safer, healthier and more productive workplaces. Our wiping solutions, PPE and washroom/breakroom solutions can provide you and your customers trusted brand name products to maximize safety and productivity.


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