Is your PPE stockpile ready for the next X-factor event? Find out how 3M can help your business.

Every life is precious. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a harsh test of the world’s preparedness. Due to the global nature of the pandemic, the world has rushed to secure resources to fight COVID-19, including personal protection equipment (PPE). This rush has created a massive spike in demand. In a world of just-in-time production and just-in-time consumption, little supply chain elasticity exists.

This poses a challenge when there are such dramatic spikes in demand. This is true in many critical categories including all types of PPE, including respiratory protection. With COVID-19, the spikes in demand for PPE and respiratory equipment have been as high as 20x to 40x normal consumption levels.

Is Your PPE Stockpile Ready for the Next X-Factor Event?

Governments that have been able to respond well had robust public policy frameworks and had implemented a national stockpile program for PPE and other essential supplies. 3M operates in over 70 countries, working closely with governments and the private sector during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as hurricane clean-up efforts, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and other X-factor events.

3M has worked with governments on stockpiling programs in many of these countries for nearly two decades. We also welcome the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes who are looking to form, maintain, or bolster their PPE stockpile.

Download 3M's Detailed PPE Stockpile Inventory Management White Paper

The purpose of this white paper is to share 3M's experience and discuss global government best practices that they have observed for developing a robust, resilient, and sustainable PPE stockpile. They are eager to work with you in the spirit of public-private partnership to serve the health needs of the public and that of other essential workers in the fight against this COVID-19 pandemic and other future events.

In their white paper, 3M describes in detail 11 global best practices to develop a robust, resilient, and sustainable stockpile program including:

  1. The stockpile inventory must always be within its stated shelf life.
  2. Streamlined stockpile product models simplify stockpile management.
  3. Analytics to assist governments in developing a stockpile proportional in size to the minimum readiness levels expected in National Plans.
  4. Stockpiles built using a range of high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) that matches the intended purpose for use.
  5. PPE stockpiles that fit a wide range of end-users.
  6. Choosing stockpiles sourced from a manufacturer(s) that can offer staggered procurement options, emergency use authorization experience, strategies to help manage product useful life considerations, and other relevant advice.
  7. Building stockpiles that are sourced from a manufacturer(s) with a global footprint, production capacity, and sources of raw material, which can help mitigate potential export restrictions imposed by other nations.
  8. Working with stockpiles sourced from a manufacturer(s) that has the capability to meet sporadic and modest spikes in demand.
  9. Stockpiles sourced from a manufacturer(s) experienced and knowledgeable about pandemic preparedness.
  10. Stockpiles that are sourced from a manufacturer prepared to be a partner with government health authorities rather than merely a supplier.
  11. Stockpile demand planning tools that allow for scenario planning and analytics by health authorities.

You should consult with a reputable global manufacturer that knows how to work with national and international governments and health authorities to help assure a long-term robust, resilient, and sustainable stockpile program that is developed based on sound public health policy foundations and global government best practices.

3M is ready to apply their science to help protect lives in public-private partnership with governments and especially to support heroic health care workers and other essential frontline workers that continue to help our sick and keep our society functioning. They encourage you to review their white paper and executive summary today and contact 3M for assistance when it comes to your stockpiling needs.

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