Kennametal Inc. has announced that its HARVI™ solid carbide end mills will be included as a preferred product in Lockheed Martin’s internal machining guide.

Kennametal’s HARVI end mills recognized in the industry for aerospace tooling excellence

Kennametal Inc. recently announced that its HARVI™ solid carbide end mills will be included as a preferred product in Lockheed Martin’s internal machining guide. The resource, produced by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ Operations Technology group for internal operations and engineering, as well as global supply chain partners, identifies the most effective parameters and processes for machining material-specific aerospace components.

“We’re honored to be a longtime supplier to Lockheed Martin and to have our HARVI III metal cutting end milling portfolio featured in one of its most invaluable machining guides,” said Keith Mudge, Kennametal Vice President Metal Cutting Sales, Americas. “We work closely with customers like Lockheed Martin to problem solve and deliver the utmost accuracy in machining. Inclusion of HARVI end mills in this internal resource is a testament to our commitment in the industry and our high standard of excellence.”

About HARVI™ Solid Carbide End Mills

The Kennametal HARVI solid carbide end mill portfolio is an industry staple because of its ability to outperform other end mill tools when working on hard-to-machine aerospace materials like titanium and Inconel.

A signature Kennametal brand and bestseller, HARVI end mills have been proven to deliver time and cost savings in aerospace operations with impressive metal removal rates and longer tool life. Users experience maximum productivity from HARVI style end mills with features like:

• HARVI 1 TE’s twisted cutting edge for increased corner stability and market leading ramping and helical interpolation operations.
• Proprietary relief from anti-vibration, anti-friction technology.
• Unequal divided flutes including some with variable helix, enabling vibration dampening and unmatched feed rates. 
• An innovative flute design with chip gashes to reduce cutting forces and promote more efficient chip evacuation.

In April 2023, Kennametal launched a new end mill grade called KCSM15A and will be expanding its HARVI product lines in Fall 2023.

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