An oil industry product manufacturer looking to thread mill a link lube assembly turned to OSG's AT-1 to reduce cycle time and increase productivity.


OSG was approached for this opportunity by a customer who was using a conventional full length-of-cut thread mill. Due to the long thread, the customer was experiencing longer than desired cycle times and deflection requiring multiple passes to achieve a quality thread. OSG proposed the A Brand AT-1 thread mill to take on the opportunity. The AT-1 is designed for single-pass thread milling up to 45HRC with its patented left hand helix geometry.


OSG was able to utilize one-pass thread milling with the A Brand AT-1 utilizing a thread mill feed rate compensation.

  • Number of passes was reduced from 3 to 1
  • Part production went from 80 to 200 per tool.​​​
  • Cycle time was reduced by 94 seconds per part (191sec to 97sec)
  • A total savings of $50,635


Annual thread mill usage went from 45 to 18 with the OSG AT-1! This alone saves $5,534.28 for a total savings of $50,635!

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Download a PDF of the Case Study here.
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