OSG introduces the HY-PRO® Carb VGM3-AL end mill for high-speed machining in aluminum and nonferrous materials.

High Performance Variable Geometry End Mills

For High-Speed Machining in Aluminum and Nonferrous Materials


• Customers who are machining aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.
• For high speed roughing and finishing.


• Stable, high efficiency milling.
• Reduced chatter & vibration.
• Faster part entry by plunging.


• Increased metal removal rates, better machining quality, and reduced cycle times.


Center Cutting
• Ramping & plunging support improved part entry tool paths to shorten cycle times.
Unique Flute Geometry
• The flute shape creates excellent chip shape for easy evacuation.
Variable Index and Helix
• Anti-vibration geometry increases milling stability and reduces cycle time.


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OSG is a leading manufacturer of taps, end mills, drills, and indexable cutting tools. OSG’s extensive line of high technology cutting tools features exclusive metallurgy, cutting geometries and proprietary surface treatments to help increase productivity, reliability and tool life.

OSG is determined to achieve continuous growth by contributing to the advancement of manufacturing industries worldwide. Gaining the support and trust of our customers has always been the commitment of OSG.

As a comprehensive cutting tool provider with operations spanning across the globe, OSG is committed to contributing to the advancement of the manufacturing industries by shaping our customers’ dreams into reality.

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