It’s the subtle things that add up to big savings in your machining costs.

It’s the subtle things that add up to big savings in your machining costs. You can save a little on expenses such as materials, equipment, labor, and facilities. But the best way to cut costs dramatically is by increasing productivity. 

A Partner Solution

Precision Twist Drills is not just a manufacturer of cutting tools. They partner with you to ensure your customers reach the productivity they require. Their high quality drills are part of the equation, but the value we provide is confidence that our cutting tools are right for your application. 

Clean Cutting, Fast Throughput

Just switching to a Precision drill resulted in a savings of more than 80% in an aircraft landing gear machining operation.  In a test performed for a large aerospace manufacturer, they compared Precision Twist Drill’s parabolic flute deep hole drills (QC drills) to a competitive product. The Precision QC drill‘s superior performance completely eliminated “pecks” and its durability resulted in zero downtime for drill changes on a short production run. Projected yearly cost for new drills was cut by more than half. 

Small Job, Big Savings
Even for limited-production jobs, the parabolic flute produced remarkable savings. The landing gear application required four 0.093” holes per component drilled to a depth of 0.400”. At a production rate of just 240 components per year, our test projected an annual savings of over $12,000.

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Precision Twist Drill brings together a program of rotary and indexable tooling with more than 150 years of industry experience. Their teams and brands re​​​li​ably meet your requirements. ​They deliver the market-leading brands of Precision Twist Drill (PTD), Union Butterfield, ​Dormer and Pramet to our global customer base.​

With 20 offices worldwide serving over 100 countries, production facilities in Europe and South America and a highly developed logistics network, Precision Twist Drill offers truly global coverage.

Their ambition is to be the leading global supplier of metal cutting tools to the general engineering industry by 2020.

They passionately believe in building long-term partnerships, sharing their expertise and being honest and available at all times. These qualities are deeply rooted in the fabric of their company and every Precision Twist Drill employee is charged with upholding ​and promoting them with pride.

This is how Precision Twist Drill  continues to build trust. Today, tomorrow, forever.

Simply Reliable.​​​

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