Contractors and subcontracts around the global use the National Aerospace Specification when building aerospace systems and equipment.

Contractors and subcontracts around the global use the National Aerospace Specification when building aerospace systems and equipment. Since 1941, the National Aerospace Specification Committee (NASC) within the Aerospace Industries Association has been developing and maintaining the National Aerospace Specification (NAS) for compliance in the design and build of parts for aircraft, spacecraft, weapon systems and airborne electronics. Components used in the manufacturing of subsystems are also directed by NAS to ensure consistent delivery of design and usage that optimizes performance, efficiency and productivity.

The National Aerospace Specification for drills are covered by three (3) standards – NAS907, NAS937 and NAS965. Each of these specifications has “Types” within each standard to call out the specific size of the drill. The standards call out the material, surface treatment and point.

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