Do you know all the cost drivers in your operation? Take a look at the full picture of manufacturing economics to make the right adjustments.

To help the bottom line, plant and operations managers not only have an opportunity to address costs but can use high quality tooling to boost output in meaningful ways. Use this Sandvik Coromant infographic to see how.

Did you know that a 20 percent increase in machine utilization can boost profit margins by upwards of 10 percent? But it’s not as simple as ‘more’ is better. Increasing utilization is absolutely important and will assist in inventory control as well. Part quality and properly maintained machines are also a very important aspect to keeping machines humming along productively.

In that respect, the quality can improve profitability both on the shop floor and for your customer, making you a more competitive supplier. Many of today’s tools are designed to match the high-throughput rates of  multi-axis machines—and are meant to run at higher speeds and feeds while maintaining part quality that is above industry standard.

Help justify the need for high-quality, top-performing tools with this infographic from Sandvik Coromant.


How does your shop or plant examine its costs? Share your experience.

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Sandvik Coromant is the world’s leading supplier of tools, tooling solutions and know-how to the metalworking industry. With extensive investments in research and development they create unique innovations and set new productivity standards together with their customers. These include the world's major automotive, aerospace and energy industries.

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