In this episode of Mitutoyo's Metrology Training Lab series, we look at how to calibrate outside micrometers.


Calibration is a search for errors and we want to develop a calibration method that efficiently hunts down and finds any potential errors in the measuring instrument. So how do we best do that for an outside digital micrometer? Well, there is a nice American National Standard for micrometers, called ASME B89.1.13, and the calibration method Mitutoyo will be discussing is based on that standard.

In past episodes, Mitutoyo has defined the calibration of measuring instruments, discussed the purpose of calibration, and introduced important aspects of what makes a good calibration method. In this episode, they will apply all those ideas to the calibration method for a micrometer.

Watch the video above to learn more about calibrating outside micrometers.

Previously Featured on Mitutoyo's YouTube channel.

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