Can you really make more parts per hour? With the right tools in the right conditions—you can get more from your machining hours. See the impact of reducing cycle time on the bottom line.

Tiny, fractional gains in machining time might seem negligible, but when you take a closer look, they can make a huge difference—even for small to midsize shops. Look at what happens when you can gain one extra second of cycle time.

In today’s manufacturing environments, the mantra is to maximize output: Produce more parts in the same amount of time—or in less time. Can you really make more parts per hour? In conditions with the right tools and temperatures, with the right work holders, tool holders, metalworking fluids and the right speed and feed rates, it is very possible. Of course, you have to account for all the factors that adversely affect production runs such as part quality and defects, the frequency of tool changeovers, machine setup and maintenance.

“Cutting tool manufacturers have introduced incredibly robust carbide grades, coatings and geometries in recent years, and there’s simply no way to increase machine output unless you’re using them,” writes Kip Hanson, a writer, author and manufacturing consultant, in the Better MRO article “Is It Time to Embrace High-Performance Machining?” Hanson goes on to explain how advanced tools “may have longer tool life and can help reduce total cost of ownership by requiring less replacement and labor to maintain.”

Whether you are officially running a high-performance machining operation or simply need to fill more orders for an important customer in a time of high demand, every second counts. Dive into our infographic to see the time-gaining and cost savings possibilities when reducing machining cycle time from 31 seconds to 30 seconds with a more productive tool or technique.

Want to learn more about tooling choice, cycle time and productivity? See below the graphic. 


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