In this short video, OSG offers tips to ensure safe, consistent operation in a long drilling application.

In this short video, OSG offers tips to ensure safe, consistent operation in a long drilling application.

Video Transcript

Welcome to OSG's 60-second troubleshooting video. Deep hole drilling is a common application in many industries with lengths of 10, 20 or 30 times the diameter or longer. The length of the drill means it requires a special process to ensure effective operation of which the most well known is drilling a pilot hole first. Usually these pilot holes are two to five times the diameter deep and use a drill with identical or larger point angle than the long drill to ensure stability and engagement at the tip.

The second step in this process, following piloting, is to insert the long drill to near the pre-drilled depth while rotating at a low speed below 500 rpm. This prevents instability from rotation at drilling speed, stopping the drill from chattering as it enters. After low rpm insertion, increase the speed to the drilling rpm and begin the drilling cycle.

Once drilling has finished, the final step is retracting the drill following the same procedure as inserting. retract to the pilot hole depth at drilling speed then decrease to below 500 rpm for exit from the hole. Following the steps outlined in this video will help to ensure safe, consistent operation in a long drilling application. Thank you for watching. For more information visit

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