CoroMill® Dura is a new range of high-performing versatile solid end mills from Sandvik, designed for roughing to finishing operations in multiple materials.

Video Highlights:


  • Asymmetrical variable Helix design​
  • ​Variable flute spacing
  • High quality substrate
  • ​Controlled micro edge process​

​Application area​

  • WhisperKut geometry can be applied in many applications and components across multiple industries​
  • ​Suitable in ISO P, K, M, S and H material in the general engineering and automotive industries​
  • Applicable for a large variety of operations​​
  • ​WhisperKut technology is also available for Aluminum applications in a dedicated assortment


CoroMill® Dura is a new range of high-performing versatile solid end mills. The concept offers true flexibility in roughing to finishing operations in multiple materials. The key to success lies in the unique WhisperKut™ technology. Unequal helix angles effectively break up harmful harmonics, making smooth and stable milling easier than ever before. See it in action in the short video above (demo only, no transcript).

Previously Featured on Sandvik Coromant's YouTube channel.

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