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I'm Ok on 'blind holes', but I have issues with carbide drills breaking when punching through while drilling 'through holes' in stainless.  Any tips there?


sacrificial backer block or increase drag on quill stop


As an expert in metalworking, I must say that this video on drilling stainless steel is spot on! The tips provided by the expert in the video are not only helpful, but they're also essential for anyone who wants to drill stainless steel safely and efficiently.

I particularly appreciate the emphasis on using the right drill bit for the job. As the video points out, a high-speed steel drill bit simply won't cut it when it comes to stainless steel. Instead, you need a carbide-tipped or cobalt drill bit that's specifically designed for drilling into tough metals.


With over 30 years in R n D in the manufacturing industry working in such fields as aerospace, Department of Defense and Nuclear Regulatory Commission to name a few; it always gets my stink eye up when I hear someone refer to themselves as an “Expert”. I have been blessed to learn under some absolute true artists in this field and I’ve found “the experts” are always the guys who put their two cents in a conversation they were never invited to participate in or have regurgitated the phrase “when I ran that job I didn’t have any problems.” I was hoping to hear some more profound advice than simply don’t use a H.S.S drill on stainless.


I have used tap magic and carbide drill bits for a long time in bottling plant


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