In this short video, Sandvik demonstrates the CoroMill® MH20, their high-feed milling solution optimized for pocketing.


The CoroMill® MH20 is Sandvik Coromant's high-feed milling solution. Primarily designed for pocketing applications with optimized geometries for ISO S, M and P.  CoroMill® MH20 ensures secure and vibration-free machining with long overhangs thanks to its light-cutting action in combination with a robust shank design. The inserts have a curved strong edge with reinforced corner radius ensuring secure and reliable machining against shoulders and corners in pocketing. See the CoroMill® MH20 in action in the short video above (music only, no transcript).

Previously Featured on Sandvik Coromant's YouTube channel.

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Sandvik Coromant is the world’s leading supplier of tools, tooling solutions and know-how to the metalworking industry. With extensive investments in research and development they create unique innovations and set new productivity standards together with their customers. These include the world's major automotive, aerospace and energy industries.

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