A global electrical appliance maker turned to Ansell to find the optimal gloves for their workers.




Headquartered in Europe, this global company makes a wide range of electrical appliances for domestic use. The existing competitive gloves being used were causing skin irritations that led to a need for a change in PPE.


  • Increase comfort for production workers
  • Achieve cost savings as a result of standardization and the effectiveness of the recommended PPE
  • Reduce SKUs by introducing standardization – finding a common product, or products, to use across similar applications


AnsellGUARDIAN® was used to evaluate 90% of the manufacturing facility to determine the best gloves for the tasks at hand. The HyFlex® 11-735 cut protective glove was chosen as the optimum replacement and subsequently reduced worker skin irritations to zero.

It had the additional benefit of lasting three times longer than the previous gloves which resulted in significant cost savings. The HyFlex® 11-251 and 11-281 cut protective sleeves were also recommended to wear with the HyFlex® 11-735 and were adopted to further improve worker safety.


Each objective was met, with highlights including 50% cost reduction and $250,000 in annual savings.

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Ansell is a global supplier of personal protection (PPE) equipment solutions designed for workers in a wide range of industries. Ansell's customers include businesses engaged in the Manufacturing, Agriculture, Healthcare and Scientific sectors, as well as many other business sectors. Ansell has developed a global presence that includes sales, operations and manufacturing sites in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia and employs more than 15,000 people worldwide. Ansell's position as a market leader has evolved over more than 100 years of history and can be attributed to our history of providing innovative protection solutions to workers through a deep understanding of the worker experience.

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