In countless applications, safely glasses and goggles protect your eyes from impact, debris, dust, splash, light and other hazards.

Set Your Sights on Eye Safety

In countless applications, safety glasses and goggles protect your eyes from impact, debris, dust, splash, light and other hazards. When selecting eye protection, your choice should be based on fit, features and frame style.


Ensure comfort and the best defense against hazards by choosing eye protection designed for the shape of your face.



Lens coatings, tints and technologies can reduce reflection and glare, alleviate eye strain, provide 99.9% UV light filtration and enhance outdoor vision.



No matter what application they are used for, all of PRO-SAFE's frame styles offer the best in both comfort and coverage.

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Safety protection you can trust.

No matter the application, PRO-SAFE has the personal protective equipment you need to protect you from head to toe.

PRO-SAFE's extensive offering includes gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, hearing products, protective clothing and much more.

The right personal protective products can help guard against workplace safety hazards including noise, chemicals, debris and more.

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There are so many ice cleat versions on the market today, and it can be overwhelming to decide which is best for you.  

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