Do you want workers to wear glasses and goggles to protect their eyes and vision? The fit and the tint matter a whole lot.

Eyewear PPE technology has become incredibly specific to the workplace environment. It’s also become more comfortable and stylish than ever before. See the variety of anti-fogging options and tints in today’s glasses and goggles.

Safety glasses and safety goggles protect your eyes from impact, debris, dust, electrical sparks, fire, molten metal, splash, light, and other on-the-job dangers—especially in manufacturing and material-handling plants. But when it comes to helping ensure workers wear eyewear protection every day, it pays to have employees find a fit that is comfortable and designed for their working environment.

Are workers mostly outside or inside? Do they use prescription glasses? Can lenses be added to goggles or glasses—or can they fit over existing glasses? What kind of lighting are they exposed to? Are workers going from different temperatures within the workplace? The last thing you want is for goggles to fog up.

All these factors are crucial to making sure workers’ eyes are as protected as possible. The goal is to get workers to wear them as much as needed—and never feel they can take them off when hazards are present. Working with chemicals is not the same as welding. Cutting and grinding metal is not the same as handling materials on an assembly line. Luckily, there is enough variety in today’s eyewear protection technology to account for comfort, fit and workplace setting.

Whatever the environment, make sure to protect their vision. View this eye protection infographic to get an overview of some of the latest technology in eyewear protection.

Want to learn more about eyewear? See below the infographic.


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What kind of glasses or goggles do you use regularly? Share in the comments.

Don Sears is a senior editor for Better MRO. A former technology journalist and a research writer at Gartner, Sears covers metalworking, safety, technology and financial services topics for Manifest.​

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I have sun conure parrott who spends on my shoulder ,causing as much nonsence as he ca. I am schedu.led in 2 weeks. he seems to enjoy picking at my eyeglass frams and it has been suggested that I get a pair of safety glasses...any suggestions?


Hi Barbara,

We recommend a pair of Pro-Safe scratch resistant, over-the-glasses safety glasses to guard against nonsense-causing parrots. They should help protect your frames while your feathered friend is spending time on your shoulder. You can find them here:

Thank you for coming to MSC with your needs :)




It stood out to me when you mentioned that the environment of the work, whether it's outside our inside, will affect what type of protective eyewear is best for the job. My husband wants to hire a local CNC machining service to help make the custom parts he needs for the large-scale abstract art project he's working on. Asking about how they pick their PPE should help him find a knowledgeable machining service to work with, so I'll be sure to pass along that tip!


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Please email me a price and I need these soon so I can order these


call 7164335847 so I can order these thank you


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