Selecting the right chemical hand protection solution remains a challenge for today’s safety manager, and it’s easy to see why.

Selecting the right chemical hand protection solution remains a challenge for today’s safety manager, and it’s easy to see why. A wide range of chemicals are prevalent across many industries and applications, and the various risks they pose to workers means finding the right gloves for chemical protection is a challenging process. Incidental or accidental contact by workers with any of these chemicals can result in adverse reactions, ranging from minor skin irritation to third-degree burns, and even absorption into the bloodstream with irreversible health effects.

Chemical resistant gloves come in a variety of materials and designs, but only a few of those solutions fall into the single-use disposable glove category. The right glove choice for workers depends on the types of chemicals that they typically encounter. If workers need a short-term barrier for low-risk or select higher-risk chemicals, some single-use gloves may be good options. The thin-walled design of disposable, chemical splash-resistant gloves can deliver excellent fit, comfort, dexterity and grip, while briefly resisting permeation from splashes. Furthermore, since disposable gloves are removed after contacting a chemical, using this type of glove mitigates the risk of coming into contact with chemicals that aren’t visible on the glove surface, but can permeate the material over time. If selecting a disposable glove, consult the manufacturer’s chemical safety guide to be sure the product is right for the task.

Although matching glove material to chemical is a good place to start, selecting the proper hand protection solution does not stop there. One of the biggest mistakes when selecting chemical hand protection is ensuring proper use in the workplace. Workers exposed to chemicals must balance compliance with PPE protocols with their needs for comfort, performance and protection. If the glove doesn’t provide the grip needed or the fit and feel desired, eventually workers will remove the glove or opt for something more comfortable – even if that glove doesn’t provide the protection required for the job. Ensuring your selection provides comfort, performance and protection is critical to worker productivity, satisfaction and safety.

In addition, industry standards exist to help guide glove selection. Both the European Standardization Organizations and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recently updated their respective hand protection standards. Examining gloves against these standards helps ensure a quality glove selection.

In every industry, it is vital that individuals be outfitted with the highest level of hand protection for their environment. By supporting workers’ hand health, employers directly support overall safety and productivity, unequivocal foundations of every company’s success. While finding the right chemical protection can be tough, taking the time to find the best solution is worth the effort to ensure worker safety and compliance.

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