Watch this video to learn all the ins and outs of tool safety across a variety of hand tools. 


Most pros are safety obsessed. Anyone who makes a living working with tools knows you can end up hurt or even in the hospital. Who hasn't used the wrong tool every once in a while or modified one to make it work for the job you are trying to get done? But when people choose speed over safety, they end up getting hurt. Using your tools safely means keeping them in great condition, inspecting them and always using the correct tool for the right job.

Safety Basics:

  1. Always wear safety gear that's right for the job you are doing.
  2. Always wear your safety glasses, hard hat, steel-toed boots, ear protection, gloves, or back protection.
  3. Never wear loose or bagging clothing. A  sleeve or pant leg could get caught in the machinery.

Watch this video to learn all the ins and outs of tool safety across a variety of hand tools. 

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PROTO® IS BUILT BEYOND STRONG. Proto® tools are precision engineered to give you more than just power. Proto® tools work like you do. Not just hard and strong, but smarter and safer, too. Proto® tools are heat forged and nickel-plated, making them tough enough to withstand even the most demanding work environment, from the blast of zero-degree temperatures to the rapid-fire pace of the factory floor. WHAT WE REALLY OFFER OUR CUSTOMERS IS PEACE OF MIND. Our customers work tough industrial jobs in extreme environments and the impact of injury or work stoppage can be catastrophic and costly. When they buy from PROTO® they aren’t just buying tools. What they are really buying is confidence that our tools will keep them working longer and safer. WE ARE SAFETY OBSESSED. It’s embedded in our DNA and is embodied in our tools and our tool training. We are exhaustive in our efforts to make the world’s safest tools and educate workers to work safely.

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