Let PROTO walk you through the set up and use of their Smart Bluetooth electronic torque wrenches.


Let PROTO walk you through the set up and use of their Smart Bluetooth Torque Wrenches in this informative video. The connected Bluetooth Torque Wrench allows for fast, easy and accurate torque setting. Advanced features available in the app help reduce errors and record measurements. You can also transfer torque history data through the mobile app.

Features and Benefits:

  • Connected Bluetooth Torque Wrench allows for fast, easy and accurate torque setting.
  • App control for advanced features to set torque target, help reduce errors and record measurements for audit.
  • Torque history data transfer through mobile application.
  • Haptic feedback, positive mechanical click and LED lights for precise control of applied torque.
  • Square profiled rubber bumper to help prevent roll-away and reduce drop.
  • Digital Torque Wrench with 2% accuracy CW/CCW and Angle measurement +/- 1 degree.
  • Calibration status reporting to ASME or user defined schedule.
  • Includes protective blow-molded case, fast 2A charger, micro USB cable, charging dock, manual and calibration certificate.

Watch the video now to learn more.


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