Each of Ansell's customers receives a tailor-made safety solution that is backed up by data collected by 600+ safety experts from over 17,000 individual assessments since 2010.

We’ve learnt a few things over the last 45 years of doing safety assessments. Unlike other PPE manufacturers, Ansell knows that every company is different and so is every worker. And all the operations they undertake and safety requirements they have are unique in their own way. This also means that every AnsellGUARDIAN® assessment is unique. Each of their customers receives a tailor-made safety solution that is backed up by data collected by 600+ safety experts from over 17,000 individual assessments since 2010.

AnsellGUARDIAN® assessments lead to injury reduction, reduced cost to protect, increased compliance as well as PPE portfolio complexity reduction.

Ansell’s global experience, as well as their proprietary software systems and extensive database, help them to provide personalized best practice recommendations for their clients. And their in-depth understanding of risk assessment and protection allows them to develop tailor-made solutions, which naturally comply with the ever-changing regulatory standards.

This is how they keep their customers and their employees safe. This is AnsellGUARDIAN®.


Safety & Compliance

Ansell provides a personalized risk management solution that leads to improved worker safety, injury reduction and increased regulatory compliance.

Cost Performance

Ansell advises on business performance improvements that result in lower overall costs for your company.


They deliver best practice recommendations to optimize your PPE dispensing, improve your company’s output and eliminate waste, leading to an increase in productivity. 

Performed by their safety experts, AnsellGUARDIAN® is a service that helps their customers to improve their safety and productivity, combining 45 years of safety assessment experience with a data-driven methodology, delivering unique personalized assessments.


Result oriented

Ansell's simple and clear processes focus on the most relevant areas to deliver their best practices recommendations for one single application or even an entire site.


Every customer is different, and so are their safety needs. Ansell's 600+ safety experts assess each situation individually, using the data provided and a proven process. This results in a unique, tailor-made assessment to meet your objectives.


Ansell's safety experts support the full implementation of their assessment with samples and education of your workers, to ensure the success of PPE change management.

Sustainable partnership

They start their partnership by analyzing, benchmarking, implementing and improving your PPE-related operations and performance. One assessment at a time, Ansell assesses your current and future safety needs.




AnsellGUARDIAN® Chemical simplifies the glove and suit selection for your unique set of chemicals.


AnsellGUARDIAN® Chemical evaluates the resistance of glove and suit materials to your chemicals and delivers a personalized assessment with expected permeation breakthrough times and degradation ratings.

This assessment can either be carried out during a personal consultation with an AnsellGUARDIAN® safety expert, or online by using their chemical resistance database ( As a result, selecting the right chemical glove and/or suit has never been easier.


  • Detailed tailor-made report for protection against your chemical hazards (single and mixed chemicals)
  • Confidence of knowing you are selecting the right chemical protection
  • Comprehensive range of gloves and suits for different industries and applications
  • Global support from Ansell Chemical Experts


We report permeation breakthrough times –BT1.0 and BT0.1 taken in minutes for the challenged chemical to permeate through the material at a rate of 1.0 µg/ cm2/min or 0.1 µg/ cm2/min as per EN374-3, EN 16523-1, ISO 6529 and ASTM F739. We also report degradation ratings for HP.



Ansell's online solution is designed to simplify your selection of Ansell hand and body protection solutions. It offers an instant visual evaluation and an easy-to-use search functionality, including the unique Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number system on

For specific chemical protection challenges, an expert assessment is also available to provide a simplified set of choices from Ansell's broad portfolio of chemical protection solutions.

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Ansell is a global supplier of personal protection (PPE) equipment solutions designed for workers in a wide range of industries. Ansell's customers include businesses engaged in the Manufacturing, Agriculture, Healthcare and Scientific sectors, as well as many other business sectors. Ansell has developed a global presence that includes sales, operations and manufacturing sites in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia and employs more than 15,000 people worldwide. Ansell's position as a market leader has evolved over more than 100 years of history and can be attributed to our history of providing innovative protection solutions to workers through a deep understanding of the worker experience.

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