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Basics of... High Performance Drills
Cobalt Drill Material Specific Color Band Drill Solid Carbide Jobber Drill




Vanadium HSS

  • 3% Vanadium
  • Abrasive wear resistance for increased toughness & tool life
  • In addition to general applications, provides long life when drilling materials like stainless steels & high silicon aluminums

Cobalt (M35 & M42)

  • Provides better wear resistance, higher hardness and toughness than HSS
  • Most cost effective for machining cast iron, heat treated steels and titanium alloys

Powdered Metal (PM)

  • A cost effective alternative to solid carbide, powdered metal is tougher and less prone to breakage
  • Provides superior wear life in materials < 30HRC, as well as highly abrasive materials like high-silicon aluminums

Solid Carbide & Carbide-Tipped

  • For high-performance applications; Carbide can run faster and withstand higher temperatures while providing good wear resistance
  • Carbide is brittle and is best suited for abrasive and tough-to-machine materials such as cast iron, non-ferrous alloys, glass, plastics and composites
  • Carbide-Tipped offers many of the advantages of solid carbide drills at a reduced cost, especially on the larger diameter drills

Surface Treatments


Polished (Bright Finish)

  • Polished drills do not have a coating, which helps increase chip flow in soft materials
  • For use in aluminum, wood and plastic

TiN (Titanium Nitride - Gold Color)

  • Built to take on the tough job of cutting through steel rebar in concrete structures
  • Have replacement heads and shanks
  • Come in complete sets

TiAlN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride - Violet Black Color)

  • Cut like a drill, gradually grinding the building material to create a hole
  • Require constant pressure from the user
  • Are less productive than hammer bits


  • A Guhring exclusive, alternating ultra-thin coating layers combine the performance benefits of single layer coatings
  • Universal applicability of TiN, hardness and heat-resistance of TiAlN and shock resistance of TiCN

Drill Points


  • 130° Point is common on high performance parabolic drills, disperses heat well and helps keep drill straight in deeper holes
  • 135° Split Point is self-centering, it will not walk or slide when starting a hole
  • 140° Point is common on high performance carbide drills, and helps get the cutting edge into tough materials quickly