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Linear Motion Systems Technical Information

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Basics of...Linear Motion Systems

Important Features to Consider For Selection

This configuration allows mounting of the rail system in any orientation.

Horizontal Mount
Rails must be mounted in a horizontal configuration. Best used in heavy down force applications.

Holes are drilled completely through block and allow mounting from above or below. Holes are generally unthreaded

Blind Hole
Holes are drilled in the top or bottom of the block, but not through. Holes are tapped for mounting.
Caged Ball
Ball bearings are captured in a plastic cage enabling high speed use, low noise level, and extended life due to non-contact between bearings. Because each ball contacts the cage over a wider area, the oil film does not break down and lubrication is not compromised.
Non-caged ball bearing blocks. Balls contact one another and spin different directions causing resistance. This sliding contact between bearings causes severe wear and loud noise. Lubrication is reduced due to bearing stress.

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