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Plastics Technical Information

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Basics of...Plastics

Plastic (organic polymer) is defined as a material whose basic constituent is manufactured synthetically or semi-synthetically from monomer, largely organic molecules (such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen or nitrogen). However, plastics can also contain inorganic constituents such chlorine, fluorine or sulphur.

One of the outstanding characteristics of plastics is that their technical properties (such as hardness, elasticity, breaking strength, temperature resistance, thermal dimensional stability, chemical resistance etc.) can be varied within wide limits by the selection of raw materials, the manufacturing process and modification using additives

  Heat Deflection Melting Tensile Impact    
Material Temperature (°F) Point (°F) Strength Strength Machinability Applications
ABS 220 220 Good Excellent Good Prototyping, Enclosures, Bins,
Acetal Copolymer 220 335 Good Good Good Scraper Blades, Bearings. Bushings, Gears
Acetal Homopolymer 250 347 Excellent Good Good Scraper Blades, Bearings. Bushings, Gears
Acrylic 195 N/A Excellent Poor Good Glazing, Windows, POP Display, Signs
CPVC 198 N/A Good Good Excellent Tanks, Valve Bodies, Hoods, Ducts
ETFE (Tefzel) N/A 491 Good Excellent Excellent Cryogenic Applications, Valves, Gaskets, Bearings
High-Impact Polystyrene 183 N/A Poor Good Poor Thermoforming, Display, Signs, Prototyping
Nylon Extruded 6/6 200 500 Excellent Good Poor Wear Pads, Gears, Sheaves, Bearings
PEEK 320 644 Excellent Good Good Valve Seats, Pump Wear Rings, Seals
PET 240 491 Excellent Poor Good Pistons, Distribution Valves, Manifolds
PETG 157 N/A Good Good Good Thermoforming, POP Displays, Signs
Polyamide-imide (Torlon 4301 ) 534 N/A Excellent Good Good Sliding Compressor Vanes, Sockets, Bearing Cages
Polycarbonate 270 N/A Good Excellent Poor Security Glazing, Guards, Signs
Polyetherimide (Ultem or PEI) N/A 400 Excellent Poor Excellent Insulators, Medical Devices, Analytical Interments
Polyethylene High Density (HDPE) 176 260 Poor Poor Excellent Tanks, Orthotic & Prosthetic Devices
Polyethylene Low Density (LDPE) N/A 244 Poor Excellent Excellent Die Pads, Hinges, Orthotic & Prosthetic Devices
Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) 116 275 Poor Excellent Excellent Food Handling, Scraper Blades, Slippery
Polypropylene 212 305 Good Good Excellent Chemical Tanks & Parts, Hoods, Die Cutting
PTFE 132 635 Poor Good Excellent Seals, Spacers, Washers, Slippery Applications
PVC Type II 160 N/A Good Excellent Excellent Ducts, Valves, Heat Deflection, Corrosion Resistant
PVC Type l 165 181 Good Poor Excellent Ducts, Housings, Chemical Resistant
PVDF (Kynar) 291 336 Good Good Poor Valves, Pumps, Nozzles, High Purity
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