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Proximity Sensor Technical Information

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Basics of...Choosing the Right Type of Proximity Sensor

Capacitive Sensor

  • Detects any material
  • Affected by environment: humidity, dust, etc.
  • Best for: bulk materials, liquids, and targets behind a separation wall

Inductive Sensor

  • Identifies only metal targets
  • Predictable sensing technology (few variables)
  • Reliable industrial technology

Output Signal
For the DC version, there are two types of sensors:

  • Basic sensor - PNP model, switching the positive side to the load (sourcing) & NPN model, switching the negative side to the load (sinking)
  • Programmable, universal sensors

A single sensor, depending on the wiring connections, can perform any of the following 4 functions: PNP/NO, PNP/NC, NPN/NO, N/NC.
NOTE: The output can only be wired to a single load.

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