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Help & Support - FAQs

Get answers to all your questions about mscdirect.com

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact our Customer Care team.

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My Account

How is my account set up?
There are three scenarios to set up an account:

  1. Existing MSC Industrial Supply account: If you have previously placed an order with MSC Industrial Supply (by telephone, fax or online, etc.), your account already exists. You can locate that account by clicking on the Register link found at the top tight of any page on the MSC website, then click the yes radio button that states you have an existing account. Then enter your MSC Industrial Supply account number, email address and billing address zip code. Select the Locate Account button.
  2. Previously registered users: Simply click on the Sign in link at the top right of any page on the MSC website. Enter your username and password, and then click on the Login button. If you have forgotten your username or password, there are tools on the login page that will allow you to retrieve and reset them.
  3. Customers who are new to the website and MSC Industrial Supply: Click the Register link at the top of any page on the MSC website, then enter the required information when prompted.
  4. If you’d prefer to use Guest checkout and at the end of your checkout process decide to create an account, you can do so at that time.

Can a username be edited?
Yes, you can change your username after login by clicking on Manage preferences link from under the My Account Settings section.

How do I edit my ship-to information?
A new ship-to can be added from the Account screen by clicking on Shipping addresses, then the add a new address button and entering the required information, or by calling Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270.

How do I edit my bill-to information?
To edit bill-to information log in to mscdirect.com and click Billing Information from under the My Account Settings, then navigate to the Change Your Billing Address link. Fill in the required information and save. Or call Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270.

How do I make a bill-to and/or ship-to tax exempt?
To make a bill-to or ship-to tax exempt, a tax-exempt certificate must be faxed to our Tax Department at 1-800-753-7959 or emailed to tax@mscdirect.com. Be sure to include your account number if available.

How do I make an item on my tax-exempt order taxable?
To make an item on your tax-exempt order taxable, simply answer the “tax-exempt” question for the respective line item from your shopping cart. The order must be placed using a tax-exempt shipping address.

How do I get tax credit on an order already placed?
To obtain a tax credit after a purchase, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270. A copy of your tax exemption certificate is required.

What actions should be taken if someone leaves our company?
If someone leaves the company, the Administrator of your mscdirect.com account should deactivate the user on the account. Each registrant can view who has administrative rights and roles of users by clicking the Submitted Carts link from under the My Shopping Options menu from the left navigation, then Order Approval Setting button. If you are unable to contact your Administrator, call Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270.


What kind of search criteria can I enter within the search box?
The search box was designed to help you search quickly and easily using keywords, MSC part numbers, customer part numbers, competitor part numbers, manufacturer part numbers, brand, SDS, Big Book page numbers, UPC and NSN numbers.

Do I have to use the categories provided by the Auto Search Suggestions feature, or can I use my own keywords?
The Auto Search suggestions feature was designed to provide suggestions as you type. If you do not see your search term in our drop-down box, you can select one from the suggested matches. In addition, if a customer part number has been created, it will be visible within the type ahead functionality in our search header after login.

Why do the Auto Search Suggestions disappear?
If your search criteria no longer match one of our predetermined search suggestions, the type ahead drop-down will disappear. You can continue entering your search term and click Go when you are done.

What if I am trying to search for something and can't find it, but I know that you carry it. Can I ask someone or report the problem? Our Customer Care team is always available to assist you with any issues you are having with our site. They can be reached at 1-800-645-7270, live chat or email us at searchfeedback@mscdirect.com to report a problem with the Search.

Where can I find inventory and the location of the product?
To find the location and inventory of a specific product, log in to mscdirect.com, ensure you have a defaulted ship-to location, then search for an item and view our search results. Real-time inventory and its location will be viewable. We also note if pickup is available, this information is also available on the Product Detail. Inventory is subject to prior sale. Products in Shopping Carts are not reserved. To ensure availability, complete the ordering process at your earliest convenience or call MSC Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270.

Personal Lists

How can I create a new Personal List?
Personal lists can be created from a number of places on our website after login:

  1. From the account page – under Manage My Business select My Lists.
  2. Left navigation – Select My Lists from under My Shopping Options heading.
  3. Header – Select Your Account from the header, then click on Lists.
  4. Shopping Cart – Click on the Add to List button directly from the shopping cart.
  5. Product Detail page – Click on the Add to Cart drop down to Add to My List or create a new list.
  6. Compare page – Click the Add to Cart drop down button to add it My List or create a new list.
  7. Upload a List – Use the upload feature to upload a list of part numbers and their respective quantities.
  8. Order History – Select the desired items and click the Add to List button.

How do I edit a Personal List?
To edit a personal list that you have created, you must select and open the List first by selecting the list name. Once your list is open, click on the link Edit List Details and then you can perform one of the following functions:

  1. Change the name and description of your list.
  2. To share or not share your list.
  3. From the My Lists page you can add and remove items from your list. To add an item, scroll to the bottom of the page for a quick order pad.
  4. Choose an MSC Item # or the Customer Part # when adding an item to the Shopping Cart
  5. Add notes to each item (notes are for customer use only).
  6. Remove selected items from a List or delete an entire list.Please Note: You may not edit a Shared List unless you are the creator.

How do I add items to an existing List?
To add an item to an existing list, select My Lists from the My Shopping Options, then click on the List name you wish to add to. Add item number and quantity to the quick order pad at the bottom and then select Add items to list.

What is All Shared Lists?
A Shared List is a list created by another contact within your organization that the creator has elected to share with everyone on the account. A Shared List can be created by anyone in your organization. Once a list has been designated as shared, all contacts within the same account can see this list. To see Shared Lists, click on the Shared List button located at the top of your My Lists page. Only the contact that created the Shared List can modify it.

How do I upload items to My List or Shopping Cart?
To upload items to a List from the Lists page, select the Upload List button and from the Upload List page you can browse for the file you would like to upload. The file must either be tab (.txt) or comma (.csv) delimited and must be accessible from the computer you are using to connect to mscdirect.com. After the file is selected, you will be brought to the Upload Items to a List or Shopping Cart page. As the title implies, you can either create or add the items to an existing List or your Shopping Cart. Note: the maximum upload at one time is 300 items.

How can I view My Lists?
To review Lists, after login select the My Lists link from under the Manage My Business header. Or once you’ve moved off the My Account screen, you can select My Lists from under the Shopping Options section from the left navigation. In addition, you can select Lists from within the header by clicking on Your Account link and then selecting Lists.

How can I add items in a list to my Shopping Cart?
To add items from a List to a Shopping Cart, go to the List page. You can either add an entire list or select items from one list or multiple lists. Select the box next to the items or select the All box and then the Add List to Cart button. Note: When items are added to a Shopping Cart from a List, they are not removed from the List. All lists stay intact unless they are deleted by the creator.

How can I access My List without going through the Account screen?
To access your Lists without going through the Account screen, select Your Account link in the header and select Lists. Or if you are not currently on the Account screen, you can locate lists under My Shopping Options from the left navigation.

ControlPoint™ App

What is the ControlPoint™ app?
A free app that makes maintaining stock levels and order replenishment even quicker and easier by enabling you to place orders conveniently from your mobile device.

What are the benefits to using the ControlPoint™ app?

  • Make orders any time with 24/7 access.
  • Flexible replenishment cycles reduce inventory requirements and paperwork.
  • Use in remote stocking locations.

Where can I get the ControlPoint™ app?
The MSC ControlPoint app can be downloaded from the iPhone App and the Google Play stores. If you have questions, you can contact MSC eCommerce Techs at 1-800-753-7970.

What phone versions are available for ControlPoint?
We support Android 6.0 and above and Apple 10.0 and above.

Can ControlPoint be used on tablet devices?
Yes, but in order to find it in the Apple App store, you may need to toggle (or use the drop-down) to select iPhone Apps when searching for it on an iPad.

Registration and Login

Can I register my account on the ControlPoint app?
All users can click on the Create an Account section of the app and you will be directed to mscdirect.com to register for the ControlPoint app.

How do I retrieve my user name or password?
Simply click on the forgot username or password section on the app and you will be directed to mscdirect.com to retrieve your user name or reset your password.

Can my login be used on multiple mobile devices?
Yes, the ControlPoint app can be used on multiple mobile devices.

Scanning & Adding Items to Cart

How do I request labels?
To request labels from the ControlPoint app, select Settings, then click on Order CMI Labels.

How do I update the quantity of each item?
The quantity will automatically appear as “1” when an item is scanned. If you hold the scanner over the item bar code, it will incrementally increase the quantity until you remove the scanner from the bar coding. You can also update the quantity from the scan screen, and again from the cart. Any minimum order or package quantity updates will be applied in the cart.

Will the legacy CMI scanners still be supported?
Yes, at this time, the legacy CMI scanners will still be supported by the mscdirect.com website.

Can I search by keyword or part number?
Yes, easily search by keyword or part number for MSC products, as well as brand, manufacturer part number, competitor number and UPC.

Am I able to scan Drop Ship (DS), Cut-to-Length (CTL), and/or Hazardous (HAZ) items?
Direct ship orders and Hazardous items can be placed in the cart from the ControlPoint app and then sent to the web to be checked out from mscdirect.com. Cut-to-Length items cannot be ordered on the app at this time.

Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available in the ControlPoint app?
Yes, SDSs are available in the ControlPoint App and can be accessed through the product detail page. To get to the product detail page, tap the item and scroll to view the Safety Data Sheet.

Am I able to scan or enter PRO labels/part numbers within the app?
No, PRO part numbers will not be supported by the current ControlPoint app.

Cart & Checkout

How do I share my cart?
The ControlPoint app does not support share cart functionality. However, when you send the cart to the web, you can create a shared List from the existing cart.

How will this work with Order Approval? Can I send my cart to a buyer
Order Approval functionality is not directly on the app; however, you send the cart to mscdirect.com where Order Approval functionality adheres to the current Order Approval setup.

Can I add a new credit card?
Credit cards are added via mscdirect.com. Once the order is placed through the ControlPoint app to mscdirect.com, it will pick up credit card options that exist or have been added.

Can I add a new shipping address
No, for security purposes, the shipping addresses available within the ControlPoint app are limited to the existing shipping addresses in your mscdirect.com account. If you would like to add a new shipping address, please do so by adding it via mscdirect.com.

Saved Carts & Order History

Will the saved carts in my app also be seen on mscdirect.com?
No, saved carts will only be seen on the app. You may send your carts to mscdirect.com. There, they will be will be available in the ControlPoint carts under My Shopping Options. Any carts sent to mscdirect.com can then be brought into the shopping cart on mscdirect.com and saved for future use.

Will saved carts expire?
Yes. Carts will expire within 90 days of being created.

Will my orders in the ControlPoint app be automatically saved in the cart?
Yes, carts will be automatically saved in the app. However, once they are sent to mscdirect.com, the order will not be available on the app.

Is there a limit to the number of carts I can save before they are deleted?
No, there is no limit to the number of saved carts.

Will my saved carts and order history be available to view on other mobile devices?
Saved carts will only be seen on the local device. Order history can be seen across devices and on mscdirect.com.

Can I view my order history in the app?
Yes, your order history is available in the app. Find your full order history by clicking on the Orders icon and you will be able to see details.

Can I use the ControlPoint app to re-order from a previous order?
The ControlPoint app does not support re-order functionality.

Will orders placed in the app appear in “my order history” on mscdirect.com?
Yes, orders placed in the ControlPoint app will appear in your mscdirect.com order history.

Customer Part Numbers

What is a Customer Part Number?
A Customer Part Number is a cross reference from your part numbers to MSC Industrial Supply part numbers.

How is a Customer Part Number created?
Once logged in, Web administrators can create customer part numbers by clicking on the Customer Part Number link from under the Manage My Business header. Or if you’ve moved from the Account screen, you can select the Customer Part Numbers link from under the My Business Solution heading from the left navigation. You can also create customer part numbers by calling Customer Care at 1-800-753-7970 or by sending an email to customercare@mscdirect.com.

If a Customer Part Number is created on the website, when will it be available?
Customer Part Number creations are in real time and are ready to be used once submitted.

What is the maximum numbers/letters a Customer Part Number can have? Can it be any characters on my keyboard?
The maximum amount of characters a Customer Part Number can have is twelve and may only contain letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. The MSC Industrial Supply Part Number must be an eight-digit number as it appears in our Big Book®.

How are Customer Part Numbers updated or edited?
To edit or update a Customer Part Number, please call Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270.

How long will it take for Customer Care to edit Customer Numbers? Will they be immediately accessible?
Small manageable lists of Customer Part Number changes can be achieved over the telephone by calling Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270. Longer lists of changes will require additional resources. Once the data is entered, it will be available to use immediately.

Where can I view products with Customer Part Numbers?
To view a Customer Part Number, go to your My Account page and click on Customer Part Numbers. Customer Part Numbers can also be viewed on the following pages:

  • Product Detail Page
  • Used in the Search Bar
  • Shopping Cart
  • Order History

How are Customer Part Numbers viewed?
To view a Customer Part Number, go to the Account screen and click on Customer Part Numbers from the Manage My Business header. Or from most pages from under My Business Solutions in the left navigation, click the Customer Part Numbers link.

How is a Customer Part Number deleted?
To delete a Customer Part Number, you must call Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270.

Can customer Part Numbers be downloaded?
Yes, they can be downloaded. Select the Customer Part Numbers link from under My Business Solutions. From the Customer Part Numbers page, locate the Download Customer Part Numbers section and then click on the CSV or Excel link to download in your preferred file format.

Shopping Carts

How do I create a Shopping Cart?
There are many ways to create a Shopping Cart:

  1. Cart – Add an item via search, catalog or product categories directly to the cart.
  2. Manage Carts – After login you have the option to manage Downloaded, Saved or VMI carts from under the Manage My Business header. Once the link is selected, choose by selecting the box to the right and then click on the Add Selected to Cart button.
  3. Order History – From the left navigation, locate the Order History link. If the order is not within the last 6 months, select the drop down option to show orders from the last 18 months or choose the year. Once found, select the active order number link, then select Reorder Item or Reorder All options.
  4. Quick/Large Order Pad – Select Quick Order Pad from the top navigation and enter a part number and quantity. Select Add to Cart.
  5. Lists – Following login, create a shopping cart by selecting Lists from Your Account drop-down in the header or by selecting My Lists from under the Manage My Business header.
  6. Search – Within Search Results enter the quantity in the field and click the Add to Cart button. Once added, select View Your Cart option or continue shopping.
  7. Product Detail page – From the Product Detail page, enter the quantity in the field and click the Add to Cart button.
  8. Search Header – Search for an item number within the search field in the header and select add to cart.
  9. Quotes – Once a quote is ready to order, it can be added to a shopping cart.
  10. CMI Upload – Customer Managed Inventory utilizes a scanner from which scanned items can be uploaded to a shopping cart by using a USB cable.
  11. ControlPoint App – You can download the ControlPoint App from an iPhone or Android and build a shopping cart by scanning barcoding or manually entering an item number.

How do I edit the quantity after the item is already in the Shopping Cart?
To edit the quantity of an item after it is in the cart, click in the quantity box and enter the new quantity by typing over the existing quantity and click on Update Cart. If you are in the checkout process, select the Shopping Cart link (upper left) to modify the cart. If you selected Submit Order during checkout, the order has already been processed. Please contact Customer Care at 800-645-7270 or chat with Customer Care immediately to discuss the modifications.

How do I clear a Shopping Cart?
From the shopping cart select the Clear Cart link. At the prompt “Are you sure you want to clear this cart?” click Yes,or click No to exit without clearing.

How do I save the Shopping Cart?
To save a cart, click on the Save link in options at the top of the shopping cart. A pop-up will appear to create a cart name prior to selecting Save cart.

How do I change my shipping address on the order?
To change the shipping address on your order, use the Edit link located to the right of the shipping address in the top right side of the shopping cart. To add a new address, select the button Add a New Address. If the address already exists, simply select the Set as Default link located to the right of the shipping address.

What is the Ship Order Number?
The shipping order number field is optional but can be used to provide additional information on the address label.

How can I consolidate my order to fewer shipments?
To update consolidation preferences, select Manage Preferences after login from the My Account Settings heading. Typically, MSC will ship from our closest location first. If all items are available from one shipping location, you will be asked “Consolidate Shipping” Yes or No. If Yes is selected, this may delay delivery time, and consolidation to one location does not guarantee the merchandise will ship in one box as sometimes additional boxes are needed due to the weight of a shipment, hazardous requirements, or the girth of an individual type of item.

How can I select multiple different shipping methods on my order?
The option to ship using multiple shipping methods may be shown during checkout. You will be given the option to edit the shipping method by selecting the Edit link.

How do I change my order once it has been submitted?
In order to meet our same day shipping guarantees, every order is processed immediately, leaving a very short window of time to make changes. Please contact us immediately at Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270 or chat online. General Customer Care hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. ET, and Saturday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.

Saved Orders

What is a Saved Order?
A Saved Order is a way to save items from your Shopping Cart until you are ready to check out. Creating a Saved Order gives you the flexibility to come back later and add the saved items back to your cart when you are ready. Items in a Shopping Cart can be saved two ways:

  1. If you are logged in, click on the Save button from the Shopping Cart; you will be required to name your cart.
  2. If you have items in your Shopping Cart from a previous session and now are adding items to your cart without being logged in. Once you log in, the items from the previous session are automatically saved to the active cart that was already started.

How can I view my Saved Cart?
To view a saved cart, log in and from the Account page, select Saved Carts from under Manage My Business. Or select Saved Carts from the left navigation from under the My Shopping options heading. From here you can:

  1. Search for a Saved Cart.
  2. Select one or more Saved Carts and move them into the Shopping Cart.
  3. Delete a Saved Cart.
  4. Edit the Cart name.
  5. Add the Cart to a list.
You can also see the items within a Saved Cart. From this screen you can choose All to add the entire Saved Cart or just select specific items from the Saved Cart to add into your Shopping Cart. Once items are moved from a Saved Cart into the Shopping Cart and sent through the order process, the Saved Cart is deleted Note: the Saved Cart must go through the order process entirely prior to it being deleted automatically.

How do I retrieve a Saved cart?
To retrieve a saved cart, log in, go to the My Account screen, click on the Saved Carts link and select the order you would like to review or add to the Shopping Cart. From the left navigation under My Shopping Options, you can also access and retrieve Saved Carts.

Can I share a Saved cart?
Saved carts are for use by a specific contact on the account and cannot be shared. Once a saved cart goes through the checkout process, it is no longer available. If you would like other users to see items, we recommend you utilize a List or Quote to share.

How do I delete a Saved cart?
To delete a saved cart, go to the My Account screen, click on Saved Carts, search for your cart, select the cart by clicking in the box and then select the Remove Selected button.

Credit Cards

Are credit card numbers secure?
Credit card numbers are secure because mscdirect.com uses 128-bit encryption while transmitting secure information, ensuring the highest level of security.

How is credit card information protected on mscdirect.com?
Credit card information is protected using secure socket layer (SSL) for the encryption of transactions. During transmission, it encrypts all your personal information, including credit card number, name and address so that it cannot be deciphered by anyone except the account holder.

How do I add a credit card to my account?
To add a credit card to the account, log in and from the Account screen, select Billing Information from under the heading My Account Settings. Then select the Add a New Credit Card button to store your credit card information. During creation you can also set this as your default payment method for checkout.

Can credit card information be edited online?
Yes, all credit card information can be edited with the exception of the card number. For security purposes we do not allow card number changes. It is recommended that any old credit card number be deleted and a new card number entered.

My credit card is no longer valid; how do I delete it?
Credit card numbers can be deleted by selecting Billing Information from the Account screen and clicking on Delete Credit Card next to the card you want to remove.

Can other contacts at the company see my credit cards?
Other contacts do not have the ability to see your cards unless you have selected the share credit card option. If it is a company level shared credit card, all users will be able to see only the last 4 digits of the credit card number(s).

If there are many credit cards on the account, how is one set as the default?
To set a credit card as the default, go to the Account screen and select Billing Information. Click on Set as Default Payment Option next to the credit card you want as your default.

Do MSC Industrial Supply associates have access to see a credit card number?
For security purposes, MSC Industrial Supply associates only have access to the card type, last four digits and expiration date of credit cards.

Can credit card information be stored?
The option to store credit card information is available on the website from the Billing Information section from the Account screen.

How many credit cards can be stored?
There is no limitation on the number of credit cards that can be stored.

What is a company credit card?
A company credit card is a card that all contacts in the company have access to. In the Credit Card section of the Billing Information page, the credit card will be displayed as Shared: Yes.

Do all users see the company credit card?
Yes, all users see the company credit card, but only the last four digits.

What is a Procurement Card Reference/Account Number used for?
Companies that contract for additional services with credit card providers may utilize this feature to provide enhanced reporting capabilities of their buying history. If your company utilizes these additional features, your company will provide reference or account numbers to utilize.

How is a reference number used?
Reference numbers can be created from the Account screen by selecting Billing Information in the left navigation. From the Billing Information page, scroll down to the Manage Reference Numbers section. Once created, a single reference number can be set as a default reference number by the user.

Can reference numbers be edited?
Yes, reference numbers can be edited on the Billing Information section of the My Account screen.

Do reference numbers or credit card numbers print on any order related paperwork?
Yes, reference numbers or credit card numbers will print on paperwork. However, for security purposes they will show the type of card and last 4 digits only.

Is there a maximum amount of characters on a reference number?
The maximum amount of characters on a reference number is 17 and the reference number description is 40 characters.

What types of credit cards are accepted for payment?
The following credit cards are accepted for payment: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. We also accept procurement cards.

Is the payment screen part of the checkout process?
Yes, the payment screen is part of the checkout process. However, any information that you set up on the Billing Information page of the My Account section will automatically default during the checkout process. You will have the ability to edit any of the defaults during checkout.


Why did you remove the Express Checkout functionality?
We streamlined mscdirect.com and incorporated express checkout into one convenient way to checkout.

Can I set up defaults like I did with Express Checkout defaults?
Defaults can be set up under Manage Preferences under the My Account Settings section and can be applied to PO numbers, Attention To, Ship Order Number, Payment options and Consolidation of your orders.


Besides the website, what ordering methods does MSC Industrial Supply offer?
You may order using any of the following methods:

Call us toll free : 1-800-645-7270
Visit one of our branch locations
Send us a toll-free fax: 1-800-255-5067
Send us an e-mail: orders@mscdirect.com *
Visit our Ordering & Shipping Options area
Vending 1-800-860-3200

*This email address is not secured to receive credit card information. For your protection, please do not send any sensitive information including credit card numbers. If you would like to place an order with a credit card, please use mscdirect.com or call our Customer Care team at 1-800-645-7270. Any credit card information received through this email address will be destroyed upon receipt without action. We apologize for the inconvenience; your protection is paramount.

How is the quantity edited after the item is already in the Shopping Cart?
To edit the quantity after an item is in the cart, click in the quantity box and enter the new quantity by typing over the existing quantity. Then click on Update Cart.

How are notes entered on an item?
Notes can be entered below each item number in the Routing Notes field and will be carried throughout the online ordering process. However, these notes will not be read by an MSC associate; they are for customer use only. In addition, notes can be entered by a requestor prior to an order being routed to an approver in Order Approval Management. Routing notes are carried through to the packing slip and invoicing.

Does mscdirect.com accept international orders?
Orders from Canada or Mexico are accepted on mscdirect.com.
If you are ordering from, or ultimately shipping to an international location, please call International Sales, Monday through Friday 7am-11pm ET and Saturday 8am-5pm ET at 1-888-880-2048, fax at 001-248-200-4045 or email international@mscdirect.com. Delivery, duty and tax are the responsibility of the customer and warranties are void outside of the U.S.

How can I request a quote?

  1. Contact the local branch or our Customer Care Department at 1-800-645-7270.
  2. Email quote requests to quotes@mscdirect.com; please allow at least one business day turnaround for emailed quotes.
  3. Request a special item quote by navigating mscdirect.com to the Products tab from the top navigation drop-down, selecting Request a Quote and entering in all pertinent information.
  4. Request a quote by selecting the Request Quote option from the shopping cart after login.

How do I know that my order has been processed?
Once you've placed an order, you will receive an emailed order acknowledgement, providing the email functionality is turned on within your account preferences and we have your email address on file. You may also use the Order History link from the Account page to check the status of your order.

Will I receive an order confirmation?
You will receive an order confirmation through email. After your order has shipped, you will receive an emailed shipping acknowledgement showing the details. Check your Account Preferences to ensure we have your email address on file.

How can I check on the status of my order?
To check on the status of an order, go to the Account page and search within Order History for your order.

How can I change/add to an order that I just placed?
The best way to change/add to an order is to call our Customer Care team at 1-800-645-7270. Due to the commitment of meeting our Same Day Shipping Guarantee, we have a narrow window for making changes to orders before they are processed and shipped.

When I place an order with MSC Industrial Supply, I never receive an acknowledgement. Why?
If you do not receive an acknowledgment, there are several potential reasons:

  • Your email address may not be correct in our system. To verify this, log in, go to the Account page, select Change Password, Username, Email Address and verify that the email address is correct. Call an MSC Industrial Supply Customer Care representative at 1-800-645-7270 and send a test email to ensure we are receiving it.
  • Spam filtering — Check with your IS department to ensure that email from MSC Industrial Supply is not being stopped by a spam filter. If the above fails, contact Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270 to track an order. We will need the P.O. number and the contact email address.

How do I place repetitive buys?
To place repetitive buys, after login select My Lists from under Manage my Business. Create a list with the items you wish to purchase most regularly. The easiest way to create a list is to fill a shopping cart and save it as a list. You can add lists to your Shopping Cart and edit directly from the Shopping Cart as needed.

How do I order a special part number?
To order a special part number, requests should be called in to Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270 or emailed to customercare@mscdirect.com. You can also send a special item quote by filling out the Request a Quote from under the Products drop down in the top navigation.

Online Returns FAQs

Can I return an item bought from mscdirect.com?
Yes, items that have their original packaging can be returned within 30 days.

What items are not eligible for return?
The items not eligible for returns include anything over 30 days past purchase date, items part of a set, cut-to-length, hazardous, truck shipment, drop ship, COD, altered or etched items. Customers will not see a “Return Button” on their account page for items that are ineligible. (Not sure what you mean by truck?)

Where do I find my return options?
To view your Online Return options, log in to your account and navigate from the Account page to your Order History page. Returns can be started after locating the item you’d like to return.

How do I start my return?
Once you log in to your account page, you can navigate to your Order History. There, you will be able to locate the item you’d like to return in either the All Orders or Shipped Orders tab. Ensure that the item is in an invoiced status and select the Return Item button. Add the return quantity, the reason and add any comments if applicable. Continue to the Review Return screen and then confirm your return. You will then be brought to the Return Authorization screen.

Will I be responsible for shipping on the return item?
If your item was purchased in error, you will be required to send the item back at your expense. If the item was not purchased in error, MSC will provide a label for mailing.

How do I check the status of my return?
You can access the status of any return by selecting the Review Return Status option, which is next to the item you had returned. It is also accessible from the Return Item tab.

Will I receive a return authorization number with my online return?
Yes, you will receive a return authorization number during the return process. In addition, it will be added to your return label should one be provided. The return authorization number will also be visible on your confirmation email.

Do I have to do my return requests online?
No, you do not have to do your returns online. You can call 1-800-645-7270 to request a return authorization number and a return label will be sent to you if applicable.

Will MSC provide me with a return label?
A return label will be provided if the return was not purchased in error.

How long will it take to receive my credit?
Credit turnaround time will vary depending upon return receipt of item(s),and could take up to 5 days.

Will I receive a return confirmation email?
Yes, a return confirmation email will be provided.

Is there a way to view all of my returns?
Yes, log in to mscdirect.com and navigate to Order History, which is located under the heading People & Purchasing. On the Order History screen select the Returns tab.

Catalogs and Sales Flyers

Can I browse through sales flyers online?
Yes, everyone can browse our sales flyers on our website. We also feature seasonal catalogs from time to time throughout the year. From any page on the MSC website, click on the Catalogs link at the top of the page to view all catalogs or choose the catalog drop-down to view our Big Book® or seasonal catalogs.

Is registering necessary to browse the catalog?
No, it is not necessary to register to view or browse the catalogs; anyone can browse any of our catalogs and brochures without having to register.

What software is required for viewing MSC catalogs?
The mscdirect.com website uses HTML5 for its catalogs. Modern browsers should not require any additional software. Older unsupported versions of Internet Explorer that do not support HTML5 may require Adobe Flash v20 or later to display the virtual catalogs.

How do I download Adobe Flash Player?
Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded for free from Adobe's website. Once it is downloaded and installed catalog pages will open in the browser when the link is clicked.

Customer Care

What are the hours for Customer Care for the website? What number do I call?
Dedicated eCommerce Customer Care representatives are available Monday through Friday 7am-10pm ET. General Customer Care is available Monday through Friday 7am-11pm ET and Saturday 8am-5pm ET. For website-related issues call 1-800-753-7970; for all other Customer Care issues, call 1-800-645-7270. The technical team can also be reached via e-mail at customercare@mscdirect.com.

How are technical questions answered?
Technical questions will be answered by our eCommerce Customer Care Team. They are available Monday through Friday 7am-10pm ET at 1-800-753-7970. General Customer Care is available Monday through Friday 7am-11pm ET and Saturday 8am-5pm ET at 1-800-645-7270.

How do emails get sent to someone at MSC Industrial Supply and how long before a response is received?
To send an e-mail to MSC Customer care team, click the Help link found in the header of MSC website, then click the “Email” link. You can also click the Help link and then click on the “Contact Us” link from the left navigation bar. From the Contact Us link you will be able to fill out a form with your specific message and send it to the appropriate department for prompt turnaround. Please allow at least one business day for a reply to your email.

I ordered an item from MSC Industrial Supply before, but now the item says Invalid when I try to purchase it on the website. Why?
If you ordered an item from the website before, it is possible that the item has been phased out or inactivated. It is also possible that the item was a special-order part number or an item that we are currently reviewing for various reasons. For help in this situation, call Customer Care at 1-800-645-7270 or use our Live Chat functionality in the top right corner of mscdirect.com.

How often are the FAQs updated?
FAQs are reviewed and updated annually. The FAQ section will contain the most current information available.


Does Mscdirect.com have the capability to speak with a live person?
Yes, mscdirect.com does support live chat with a dedicated eCommerce customer service representative.

How do I communicate with a live person via Chat?
Once logged in there is a link located in the right corner of the website header labeled Chat, click the link enter the required information and you will be connected with a live Ecommerce Customer Care associate.

What hours is Live Chat available?
Live Chat is available Monday through Friday from 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST.

Can I place an order via Live Chat?
Yes, orders can be placed via Live Chat.

Is my computer compatible to support Live Chat?
Chat is compatible with Firefox 19.0, Chrome 24.0 and Internet Explorer 7 and above.

Will my order get processed faster if I use Chat?
No, your order is entered into the same system so it will not be processed faster.

Can I get a written copy of our conversation?
Yes, you can request a copy of your conversation by selecting the copy button at the top of the screen within the Chat applet.


Will I receive an order acknowledgment?
Order acknowledgements are emailed after your order is placed and is being processed, providing your email address is in our system. Should your order end up in review, an email notification will be sent stating so.

Will I receive a shipping acknowledgement?
Yes, shipping acknowledgements are generated at time of order shipment.

Can you send me my invoices?
Yes, invoices can be emailed; however, they will need to be set up in our system. To set up to receive your invoices via email contact Customer Service at 1-800-645-7270.

Page Errors

What are the different types of page errors I might encounter?

  • Submitting a form that causes duplicate or inaccurate results to be displayed
  • The inability to proceed while trying to register as a user
  • mscdirect.com system error screen
  • File unavailable error
  • The inability to move past a specific point in a process

What causes page errors?

    Missing or incorrect information
  • Helper applications
  • Use of bookmarks or favorites (to secure or dynamic pages)

About MSC Industrial Supply

How do I find an MSC Industrial Supply branch near me?
To find an MSC branch, click on About Us found in the top right corner of the mscdirect.com header, then select MSC Locations, scroll until you see a drop-down stating choose branch location by state. Select your desired state

What name is MSC Industrial Supply traded under?
MSC Industrial Supply is traded under MSM. To find out more information about MSC Industrial Supply stock, go to our Investor Relations page located in the footer of our website. Or select the About Us link from the header and then Investor Relations from the left navigation.

Is there a way to view the Annual Report?
To view the Annual Report, you can download the latest copy from the Investor Relations page, located in the footer of our website. A printed version of the Annual Report is also available upon request. To request a copy to be sent to you, please contact a Customer Care representative at 1-800-645-7270 or send an email to customercare@mscdirect.com. A message window, pre-loaded with the Customer Care email address, will be displayed. Simply enter your request and press send.