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3M™ Cloth Belt 767F is a high-performance abrasive belt built for versatility and value. Powered by 3M Precision-Shaped Grain, it lasts longer and cuts faster than alumina zirconia belts — and it’s priced for affordability and everyday use. This combination of performance and value can increase productivity while also helping lower your overall abrasive spend.

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Iscar’s New Flash Solid Carbide drills are a competitively priced performance drill. The Flash Drill is a 140-degree, double- margin, coolant-through drill available in 3xD and 5xD. Flash Drill is available in the diameter size range of imperial sizes .125” - .750” and metric size range of 3mm – 20mm. All Flash drills are coated with a multi-layer TiAlCN coating (Iscar IC608 grade).

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When you want to illuminate your workspace, look no further than new Pro-Source task lights. These lights help make the completion of any job easier with LED bulbs and flexibility to shine light exactly where it is needed. Available in both clamp and table mount, these durable lights are assembled in the U.S.A.

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Thanks to low cutting forces and a smooth cutting action, Seco Turbo 16 is a supremely flexible cutter optimized for a wide range of workpiece materials and square shoulder applications. It offers a secure cutting process at high material rates and excellent tool life. The extremely close pitch on selected cutters significantly increases metal removal rates by up to 50% in some applications. While it is a game changer for increased productivity, Seco Turbo 16 will also reduce your production costs and keep your inventory limited.

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New Pro-Source machine lights are durable and made to withstand heavy machine vibration and extreme conditions. They make it easy to see into enclosures to monitor machine processes with very bright illumination. These lights can flex and maintain any position, mount directly to any surface and can be used for a variety of applications.

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GND series features a mono-block structure and die steel bodies, which not only provides for stable processing but controls vibration. Not solely for grooving, the GND series features holders for groove-turn, profiling, and face grooving. A variety of chip breakers improve chip control in various applications and prevents sudden breakages due to chip clogging. Applicable for grooving, traverse cutting, profiling, necking, facing and internal boring.

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Modular Tool Sets Consist of multi-piece assortments of quality GEARWRENCH tools, each organized in a sturdy EVA foam tray with high visibility size markings for quick tool identification. The chemical and solvent resistant trays are designed in multiple modular sizes to fit perfectly in the new GSX line of storage toolboxes from GEARWRENCH and a range of other storage systems. Sets feature components selected to provide a complete range of specific tools, each nested in a custom cut-out that protects while keeping tools organized and accessible.

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Incorporating Norton’s Vortex grain technology into a Type 27 flap disc allows for a reduction in processing steps, improvement in abrasive life, and an increase in operator comfort. With each grit, a higher material removal rate will be achieved than a standard aluminum oxide grain, while producing the finish of a finer grit.

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Cut longer with Kennametal´s KCK20B™ and KCKP10™ Indexable Milling Grades. New grades offer higher wear resistance and longer tool life, increasing productivity in cast iron and compacted graphite cast iron machining. Kennametal’s KCK20B and KCKP10 indexable milling grades – engineered for higher wear resistance and up to 30% longer tool life when machining cast iron and compacted graphite iron components. Both grades offer higher productivity and consistent, repeatable performance during roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing operations.

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Aerowolf Tri Tech Pro is a set-style carbide blade made for hard to cut materials. The reinforced design reduces strain and minimizes pinching in high stress metals. The tough carbide grade is treated with HONEX technology which reduces edge chipping to give the user more cuts and optimized geometry strengthens the cutting edge and even distributes wear. Get 2x the blade life compared to the Tri Tech design.

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The new Pro-Source plasma cutter can handle all your metal cutting needs. It is similar to industry- leading brand plasma cutters but at a better price point. It cuts ¼ to ½ inch conductive metals, is portable and great for light and heavy industrial users. The plasma cutter adapts to your needs with either a 120 or 240 bolt power through a standard household outlet using the multi voltage plug.

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Move loads without excessive stress or strain on your body! Vestil’s heavy-duty electric-powered tuggers can both push and pull carts, trailers, etc. with ease. Multiple attachments are available which allow these tuggers to adapt for use in a variety of applications and environments.

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