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Consider the Cost, Waste and Inefficiency of Rags

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Wipe Away Everyday Inefficiencies

Understanding where inefficiencies are found can help reduce waste and increase productivity

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Visually recognize types of waste in a facility

Rags and laundered shop towels are used for a variety of wiping and cleaning tasks but often-times lead to wasted time and energy. Here are four common causes of waste that Wypall Wipes will eliminate.

Motion waste


Workers locating suitable supplies may waste time.

Money waste


During use, products may not be maximized to their full value.

Environmental waste


Missed opportunity to find a sustainable solution at the end of a product's life.

Defects waste


Rework caused by inferior quality supplies or poor workmanship.

How to spot and fix inefficiencies

Wypall X60 Cloths

Use WypAll X60 Cloths when you see...

Workers walking from their work station to a central pile of rags or digging through the pile to find a suitable product without buttons, zippers or dirt. WypAll X60 Cloths are available in a variety of formats and can be easily stored at work locations for better time management.

Wypall X80 Cloths

Use WypAll X80 Cloths when you see...

Workers using a laundered shop towel or bar towel that's struggling to absorb liquids. WypAll X80 Cloths are tough enough to absorb industrial-sized spills which saves time and money.

Wypall Waterless Wipes

Use WypAll Waterless Cleaning Wipes when you see...

Workers walking back and forth to a sink to wash dirty hands or there's no sink in sight. These wipes are dual textured; a smooth side for wiping and an abrasive side for scrubbing. They are tough on grime but easy on the skin.

Kimtech WetTask System

Use Kimtech™ WetTask™ System when you see...

Workers using an open bucket filled with cleaning solvents. A refillable, fully enclosed wiping system that offers more controlled dispensing and application of solvents.