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Take control of your inventory with ControlPoint
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Inventory Security
Vendor Management
System Integration

Tailored solutions.
Increased efficiency.

A single point of control enhances visibility and accountability of your inventory, driving cost savings and streamlining operations for your company. Our team of experts work together with your team to identify the ControlPoint solutions that make sense for your company’s needs. It’s this combination of people and functionality that can make a difference and have a positive impact on your company by:

Pinpointing opportunities with data governance tools and continuous improvement processes
Increasing transparency, visibility and procurement oversight
Minimizing the footprint and reducing wasted time with point-of-use placement
Reducing costs with an inventory optimization strategy

Not any solution. Your solution.

Understanding Your Needs

We assess your existing environment and identify your most important challenges to determine the best solution for you.

Agree On Your Solution

We work together on the agreement, which includes development of an Item Plan.

Building Your Solution

We build a custom solution that best meets the needs of your business.

Install Your Solution

Our experts work closely with you to train your team to maximize the value of your inventory management solution.


After your ControlPoint solution is installed, we offer a dedicated team for ongoing support.

ControlPoint Vending


Promotes security, accountability and traceability over your inventory with a single point of control. Vending units are modular, configurable, and flexible with a dashboard view of your product inventory.

ControlPoint VMI & VMI Pro Services

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Achieve more accurate inventory levels and reduce overhead cost by only having products on hand when you need it. With over 650 inventory specialists, MSC will design a program that meets your specific procurement or replenishment needs.

ControlPoint App


This free app makes maintaining stock levels and order replenishment even quicker and easier by enabling you to place orders conveniently from your smart phone.

ControlPoint In Plant


Realize new efficiencies and reduce costs with a dedicated MSC associate working alongside your procurement, maintenance and inventory management teams.

National Network. Localized Service.
No matter your location, these support teams are available to you:

Metalworking Specialists

Our team of metalworking tech specialists have a combined 3,000 years of manufacturing experience. We combine that experience with our data and network of relationships to make an impact every day and fuel our customers’ growth by constantly bringing better, faster solutions.

Inventory Management Specialists

Working with companies like yours has allowed our inventory management specialists to discover solutions across the industry. This breadth of solutions is transmitted into the work we do for you and in reaching the goals of your company.

Customer Fulfillment Centers

Fully stocked and strategically located so you don’t need to carry extra inventory.

Vending Service Center

The Vending Service Center handles both customer service and technical support for ensuring successful vending unit operation.

Local Service

With a sales team covering every ZIP code in the U.S., we have national reach with local support to help meet your business needs.

Customer Service

Mon-Fri 7AM-11PM EST | Sat 8AM-5PM EST