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ControlPoint Inventory Management Process

At MSC, we understand you have business goals and objectives that require your supply chain to be as efficient as possible. So we have developed an effective 5-step process to help ensure you get the right ControlPoint Inventory Management solution based on the needs of your business.

Get Started
Step 1 — Understand Your Needs
Analyze, Identify, Recommend

We begin with MSC supply chain experts working with you to assess your environment and identify your most important business challenges. Next, our experts analyze the information gathered, determine the appropriate solution for your unique needs and review recommendations with you.

Step 2 — Agree on Your Solution
Document Our Understanding

We’ll work together on the agreement, which may include the development of an Item Plan - a list of the items to be included in your IM solution.

Step 3 — Build Your Solution
Configure to Your Unique Requirements

MSC will build the ControlPoint IM solution that best meets the needs of your business. We’ll enable you to better manage your inventory and costs, gain visibility and control, and boost productivity.

Step 4 — Install Your Solution
Implement and Train On-Site

An MSC team of experts works closely with you during implementation, training your facility operators and managers as appropriate based on the ControlPoint Inventory Management solution you select. All to ensure you derive maximum value from your IM solution.

Step 5 — Support You in All Ways
Ensure Your Success Going Forward

Once your ControlPoint Inventory Management solution is operating within your business, it is supported on an ongoing basis by a knowledgeable team, including our Vending Service Center, fulfillment center associates, product teams, sales associates and technology teams.