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Your personalized vending solution
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Gain visibility and control, reduce costs and boost productivity. Click through our Vending solutions below to see which solution is right for you.


The Drawer unit provides unsurpassed floor space efficiency – up to 180 different SKUs can be independently managed in a 30" x 20" footprint. The modular Drawer unit can operate as a standalone machine or combined with other units to provide the best vending solution for your specific needs.

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Weighted Locker

Keep items secure and get fast dispensing with accurate counts thanks to precision weight-based scales. Available in configurations of between 9 and 27 secure locations, a weight-based locker can accommodate a range of items, including large or heavy items.

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This advanced locker unit provides secure organization behind plexi doors with LED lighting, and provides accommodations for a range of items, including large or heavy items. It is available in three configurations: all small lockers; all medium lockers; or, a combination of nine small, six medium and three large lockers.

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This rotating drum-styled carousel vending machine offers extensive capacity with a minimal footprint, and flexible configuration options, including a removable divider option, for versatile item management.

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This electronically controlled tool cabinet delivers versatile item management, handling a range of items from metalworking to MRO to measuring, and is available in multiple configurations as shown below. Ten-drawer counter height unit is available with or without a PC based control. All drawers are full extension, with 440-LB. weight capacity.

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Case Studies

Joe Gibbs Racing case study

Joe Gibbs Racing

Through MSC ControlPoint vending solutions countless hours of tracking inventory were eliminated and they saved over $200,000 annually.

Build-to-Order Machined Parts Manufacturer

MSC has helped this aerospace industry customer reduce downtime and save over 300 hours of set-up time annually. Part of this customer’s success is delivered through our quarterly Continuous Improvement.

Turbine Engine Components Manufacturer

MSC implemented a robust vending solution that reduced the TCO with a 3% monthly reduction in on-hand inventory and a 50% consolidation in perishable tooling supplies.

NMG Aerospace

MSC provided electronic inventory reporting with 24/7 availability, accountability and security. Customer reduced time spent on small consumables.

Customer Quotes

At the Joe Gibbs Racing facility, MSC's Competitive Advantage Program is providing us with the accountability, control, and information we never had before. By dispensing tools and supplies in the exact quantities required, we are able to better track tooling usage and have greatly reduced excess inventory on the shop floor, which has resulted in a tooling spend reduction of over 25% overall in our shop.

Joe Gibbs, Joe Gibbs Racing

Our vending solution has eliminated so much non-value-added time searching and managing our tool supply. It provides 24/7 access, and every transaction is captured; no one has to own our tool use full-time. That means more feet on the floor, more production uptime, and significantly improved overall productivity.

Brent Busscher, Controller, Transfer Tool Products

While the vending solutions save money on tooling, they also save money as a result of the automated tool tracking and reordering, cutting time spent on procurement in half. The system typically saves us well over $2,000 each month in time that would be spent ordering items manually.

Darrin Soukup, Accurate Gauge

Interested in Vending? Contact MSC representatives at 1-800-645-7270 or email us.