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Periodic Invoicing/Billing

As part of our continuing commitment to provide our customers with world class service, MSC Industrial Supply is pleased to offer a periodic billing system to help reduce your overhead costs. Rather than receiving one invoice per packing slip, you have the option to choose your billing within the time frame that best suits your needs. Imagine placing multiple orders during the month and receiving only one invoice. This system will reduce your costs by alleviating unnecessary paper flow and allowing one check for multiple purchases.

In order to meet a variety of needs, there are six options available for Periodic Billing:

  • Daily - A Periodic Bill will print daily. Payment terms: Net 30 days
  • Weekly - A Periodic Bill will print weekly. Payment terms: Net 21 days
  • Semi-Monthly - A Periodic Bill will print on the 15th and the last day of the month. Payment terms: Net 15 days
  • Monthly - A Periodic Bill will print at the end of the last day of the month. Payment terms: Due upon receipt
  • Custom Monthly - A Periodic Bill will print at the end of the last day of your fiscal month or any day of the month you choose. Payment terms: Due upon receipt.
  • Monthly-No Print - No invoices will print.

We also offer additional options for the format of your invoices:

  • Detail- A detailed invoice listing complete purchase and item detail for each item shipped by packing slip.
  • Summarized- A summarized invoice listing each packing slip number along with your purchase order.
  • Subtotaling - We can sort your bill to subtotal after one of the following sort options:
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Purchaser's Name
    • Ship-To Address
  • Credit/Return Memos - If you want to include your Credit/Return memos, just let us know.
  • Paperless Invoicing - If you are interested in paperless invoicing, we offer an e-mail option. In order to take advantage of this option you must have PDF viewing capability.

If you decide that receiving both a detailed and a summarized invoice will meet your needs, we also offer this choice to you.

Periodic Billing is completely optional and if at any time if you decide that it is no longer meeting your needs, we will return your account to standard billing.

To begin participating in Periodic Billing, please fill out the Periodic Billing Agreement and submit the completed form via e-mail to marconir@mscdirect.com.