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Barcoding FAQ

Listed below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on barcoding.

  1. What symbologies do you accept?
  2. What size should our labels be?
  3. What should the layout of the label look like?
  4. I can produce bar code labels. What do I do next?
  5. Where can I get information on hardware or software?
  6. I have other questions that are not addressed here. Who do I call?

1. We have the ability to scan any linear symbology (type) of bar code, but prefer Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 3 of 9, UPC (Universal Product Code), and EAN (European Article Number) symbologies. Below are some examples of what these bar codes look like.

Code 3 of 9 Code 128
Interleaved 2 of 5 UPC

2. We do not have any size requirement for the bar code labels as long as they are scannable and fit attractively on your product.

3. Here is an example. It is important to note that if these bar code labels cannot be produced as shown, MSC Industrial Supply may accept an alternate layout. Please send a sample of your alternate label layout to us for verification and approval.

4. You may email a copy of your label to barcode@mscdirect.com, or mail a hard copy to:

Katherine Luft
Manager of Inventory Operations Performance
Corporate Inventory Control
MSC Industrial Supply Co.
100 MSC Drive
Jonestown, PA 17038

5. If you do not have the capability to produce labels, we suggest you contact:

Paul Movsesian
1- 866-286-6500 ext. X111

Don't forget to mention that you are a supplier of MSC Industrial Supply.

6. Send an e-mail to barcode@mscdirect.com with any questions that are not covered here.