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Empower your team on purchasing decisions with Order Approval!
To help you save time and manage your business needs, we’ve made our Order Approval Management system more streamlined and easier to use! By establishing user permissions and spending parameters, you have the flexibility to regulate every aspect of the purchasing process.

Increased Visibility

Requisitioners can now view their Submitted Cart status and see what orders are pending, rejected and approved!

Out of Office

We now added a feature where you can simply set your out of office message/status within order approval.

Need it faster?

Requisitioners now have the ability to send an order reminder directly to their buyers right from Order Approval.

Your Team


Select up to 10 for each user

Assign/Reassign User Roles & Spending Limits    
Create/Deavtivate Users    
Set Defaults (including Roles and Spending Limits)    
Full Authority to Browse & Place Orders Up to a pre-set limit Up to a pre-set limit Unlimited
Flexibiltiy to Assign to Multiple Approvers (up to 10)  
Assigned Spending Limits (from $0 to Unlimited)  
Place Orders within Spending Limit
Approve/Reject Pending Orders  
View All Carts    
Visiblity into Pending Cart Status
Reassign Cart to Alternate Approver  
Resubmit Cart to Alternate Approver    
Set "Out of Office" Indicator  
Send email reminders for pending orders