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You'll be asked to authenticate with your password before accessing your
information or checking out to ensure your security.

Once logged in,
you will always be logged in

Only at secure access points will
you be prompted to authenticate

Login & forget it!
Or logout — it is your choice!


What is Persistent Login?
No more logging in every morning, with Persistent Login, you're always logged-in offering you quick access to:

  • Your Pricing
  • Availability
  • Results for Customer Part Number Search
  • Restrictions (if applicable)

Is persistent login secure?
Yes! For your security, every time you want to access secure account information or checkout you will be prompted to authenticate your account information by entering your password.

Who can use Persistent Login?
Persistent Login is available for all customers.

Can I turn this feature off?
No. This feature cannot be turned off. If you would like to logoff at the end of your session or day, you still have that option.

Where can I logout?
Logout is available on the global header by clicking on the Logout button. Additionally, if you select the Not {username} link, you'll be logged out.

What do I do if I am using a public computer?
We recommend you logout after your session to ensure that your information is safe.

Why isn't Persistent Login working for me?
If you recently took one of the actions below Persistent Login was disabled. Simply Login again to enable the feature.
  1. Cleared your browser's cookies and/or cache
  2. Logged out during your last session
Some IT policies require all browser cookies and cache to be cleared each day. If that sounds like you, you'll need to login during each visit.