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Keeping Your Employees Safe

Creating a Safer Workplace

View our video to learn how to keep your employees safe, healthy and productive. Download our workplace safety resource guide.

Reopening Schools

Follow the CDC Guidelines for Reopening Your School

Read their considerations for operating schools during COVID-19

Shop Easier: Your School Reopening Checklist

Download the PDF

Vaccination Site Essentials

Things You Need to Know about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Read FAQs from the CDC

Get the Vaccination Essentials Checklist

Download the PDF

Access and Entryways

man in his car getting his temperature checked

Help employees understand that you’re looking out for them the instant they arrive at your facility. Find everything you need for help with redesigning your floor plan, erecting temporary structures, changing traffic flow routes and PPE distribution solutions.

Social Distancing with 3M Floor Marking Tapes

Shop 3M marking tape

Reopening Guidance for the Manufacturing Industry

Get the latest reopening guidance

How to Manage Employees During a Pandemic

Learn the recommended tactics

Prepare for Possible Viral Outbreaks

Prepare your team today

Cleaners and Sanitizers

Create a More Hygienic Workplace
Sponsored by Kimberly-Clark

Learn how

Creating a Safe Working Environment

Learn what steps you can take

Discover Safety Resources and Solutions

See more MSC Safety Solutions

Manage Employee Anxiety During COVID-19

Learn better mental health practices

Personal Protective Equipment

woman with mask on looking at a tablet

Keep employees safe as they interact with your customers–and with each other. Help minimize their risk of exposure to harmful germs with this collection of products.

Find the Right Respirator

Learn what’s best for your people

What to Look for in a Face Shield

Choose the right face shield

Calculate Your Disposable Mask Needs

Estimate your ongoing bi-weekly needs